Wednesday, 9 March 2011

So, Blogger readers, I should shed some light on the inspiration for the following lyrics. A friend of mine for a number of years had been out of contact for the last five months. I nor several of his friends had heard a word from him for the entirety of this time, despite several attempts to get in contact with him. Yesterday, I got sick of waiting for him to contact one of us, and spent the day looking for any trace of news related to what might have happened to him. Turns out he was fine. He'd been living college life, and had made himself a new facebook account just for being there.

Now, I'd have had no problem with this, if he had've had the courtesy to at least respond to our e-mails, and let us know he was okay. Instead, we waited five months, and got nothing. Not one word from him. Now, this wasn't just any casual acquaintance, this was one of my closest friends. It's only out of lingering sentiment to that friendship that I'm not posting any of his personal information. Needless to say, after finding out he'd as good as abandoned us without a single word, I got pretty pissed off. Here's the result.

Verse 1:

Have you ever
Felt the rage of a thousand men in your veins
Felt the power in your hands, thought you're going insane
Wanted to snap a human being in half for no reason at all
To destroy a democracy, to watch humanity fall?

The malice inside me grows, it feeds off of my anger
This hatred of my kin only fuels my growing hunger
I want blood, and I don't care how or why
All I know is if I see you, then you're gonna fucking die.

Hook x2

Die, die, die. Don't need an alibi.
Destruction is my motive, and I've got no tears to cry
Nihilistic tendencies, you're dead to me, so flee, fly.
And hide from the encroaching death you try so hard to deny

Bridge (spoken):
I am the Harbinger
The Deathsayer
The Doombringer
I am Humanities end.

Verse 2:

When they find me, I'll just keep on killing
I don't care who's blood I'm spilling
Death to all, and Gods be willing,
This appetite has no filling.
I'm billing, all of humanities sins,
To the shilling
It's thrilling, these morbid prophecies I'm gladly fulfilling

Apocalypse is what I'm bringing
Won't stop till I hear angels singing
Herald of the heavens calling
To hell with every thing that's living
The wrath of gods I lay upon you
Death to all who accrue
And may suffering be known
To those who call it undue

Cause I will run through
Any of you
Who try to renege
You made your crimes against your brothers
Now it's time for revenge
Your debt I have dredged
I will find you and forcibly wedge
My knife's edge into all thee alleged
This I pledge.

Hook x2

It's not  finished, but I'm not angry enough to continue it right now. I pretty much vented all my frustration for a little bit. You can bet I will get around to finishing/fixing this one, though, and this'll be one of the rare ones that I do record. It's too good not to.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

My New Blog? Damn straight, skippy.

So, I'm out here on the Blogger world, now, the "Blogger"sphere, if you must. (I know, terrible pun).

I go by Cryptekz, a white rapper  (Like that's never been done before) and Heavy Metal Bassist, from the great white north of Canuckistan. I'll be posting verses, interesting beats, youtube videos, and maybe some shout-outs to all the important people in my life, along with maybe, occasionally, showcasing my skills on the Bass Guitar. (or lack thereof, if you're a critic, and who isn't these days.) I suppose I might also be tempted to dredge up some political, philosophical and religious thought every now and again, as it's what influences my music.

Now, no one will be reading this for a while yet, I expect, but here's hoping my lyrics get you thinkin', whenever you read them. If you follow me, I'll follow you back, and I'll do what I can to keep UTD with what you post. I love fans, and I'll take requests, as long as you don't try to push me to sell out. I won't be another Drake or L'il Wayne. I love music too much to be a corporate man.