Sunday, 6 March 2011

My New Blog? Damn straight, skippy.

So, I'm out here on the Blogger world, now, the "Blogger"sphere, if you must. (I know, terrible pun).

I go by Cryptekz, a white rapper  (Like that's never been done before) and Heavy Metal Bassist, from the great white north of Canuckistan. I'll be posting verses, interesting beats, youtube videos, and maybe some shout-outs to all the important people in my life, along with maybe, occasionally, showcasing my skills on the Bass Guitar. (or lack thereof, if you're a critic, and who isn't these days.) I suppose I might also be tempted to dredge up some political, philosophical and religious thought every now and again, as it's what influences my music.

Now, no one will be reading this for a while yet, I expect, but here's hoping my lyrics get you thinkin', whenever you read them. If you follow me, I'll follow you back, and I'll do what I can to keep UTD with what you post. I love fans, and I'll take requests, as long as you don't try to push me to sell out. I won't be another Drake or L'il Wayne. I love music too much to be a corporate man.


  1. Hey, welcome to blogger.
    never heared of this rapper, but his tracks are sounding well.
    keep posting :)

  2. I seen a facebook page that said something about drake being the best white made me laugh.

  3. Man, people have no idea about the underground these days. I show them who Vinnie Paz is, and they just get dumbstruck. Glad to see some people around, though, and don't worry about posts, I'll keep you guys UTD with all my latest verses.

    Much love.

  4. nice, a fellow bass player.

  5. Wow a white rapper! I've never heard of one before...
    Wait while I go eat some M&M's ;)

    (if you do a pun I do a pun ;))

  6. welcome to the world of blogger

  7. cool that you play bass man